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Finals fundraising

Going to Florida? It looks like it will be a wonderful week of trialing. It is always a relief to get away from winter and get the dogs tuned up. This should be an exciting season in the east with the 2010 National Finals returning to Belle Grove Plantation in Middletown, Virginia.

There will be many fundraising efforts in the next few months including the availability of the 2010 Finals tee shirts at many the trials. Shirts available at the Lazy J February trial in Georgia hosted by Dawn Boyce, the Live Oak trial in Florida hosted by Jim & Joanne Murphy and the C-52 trial in Florida hosted by Steve Skara.

If you haven't seen the shirts, take a look at the post below!

There are many styles & colors to choose from in two different designs. They will also continue to be available on the 2010 Finals web site store.

In addition to the shirts, baseball caps and visors will soon be available.

Keep checking in to the finals site and Sheepdog News for more news and updates!

Klamath Falls finals

I have to hand it to the folks in charge of the 2009 Klamath Falls finals–they’re really on the ball and tech savvy.  First of all, they produced a really kick-ass promotional video that’s already pretty popular on YouTube:

They also have a wonderful web site–make especially sure that you visit their blog to get all the latest news of the road to the event (Scott Glen and Patrick Shannahan have posted some terrific articles there).  Keep it up, guys!