Sheepdog News

Amanda: Soldier Hollow, Double Lift

Barbara Ray started the ay with a disappointing run with Maverick. It boded badly for the rest of us as the sheep were sluggish and difficult all the way around. She finished without a shed and pen. So early for the eating indifferent sheep, everyone watching thought the sheep would only get worse as the day wore on. Dorey, two dogs later, got around well. I should have been more selective of collared sheep at the shed. I had one that brought me real trouble to the pen and at the pen. I could not pull it off. In the afternoon, Ron Enzeroth did finish with his dependable Mick to tie Dorey’s score. Quite an accomplishment to run well in the suffocating heat, and it was. Coming the sizzling weather made Dennis Gelling’s winning run the more remarkable, ten points ahead of Ron and me.

I was a miner for gold and I’m getting old.

The awards ceremony is a big show at Soldier Hollow, summoning up the olympic past of the venue. The Salt Lake Pipe Band was spectacular, marching down the brown grass, sage brush hillside in full kilt, with bright bits on drums and pipes, sparkling, and the music commanding the hillside. Vista vista and vista. They piped all the medal winners bringing moment.


The Canadian National Anthem was played for Dennis Gelling’s and Tess’s win, but I got a charge from it too.

We drove to Vernal, Utah, using the daylight remaining, overnighted and drove on to Meeker this morning. Over one of the hills, this brig red sun appeared, there must be a fire west, to cause such has, but it was very pretty.