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BevLive: The Finals, Day Two

Day started off cool and overcast. We had a few heavy rain showers during the day and even thunder this evening.

While several people had some good runs today, including our highest score thus far by Scott Glen and Maid, my day didn't go so well. Hemp crossed on his outrun in front of the sheep. The grass is mowed most of the way up the field except the last 50 yards or so. Hemp just decided the sheep weren't in the tall grass, and when I realized that he had made this stupid decision I wasn't fast enough with my redirect to prevent his acting upon it.  The rest of our run was pretty good, but not nearly enough score to make up the lost ground.

The Nursery began around 10:00, run on yesterday's sheep.  The going is pretty tough there. The sheep are still very hard in spite of the education they received on the Open field. There are about as many runs without scores as with. Huck runs 4th in the morning.

Bevlive 0911c

Amanda's almost-brand-new camper, post disaster.

Amanda is back in residence. Several handlers worked on her badly damaged camper off and on during the day and appear to have it at least sealed against the elements. I will allow her to relate her adventures on her own.