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BevLive: the running begins

Trial is off to a strong, dusty start. The sheep are tough to get off the top–quite a few dogs failed to lift or lost their sheep back to the set out.Once they get going they are pretty light and not too hard to get along with.

Amanda found her run with Clive "very disappointing." She got a 142, so Clive should have a chance to redeem himself in the semi-finals on Saturday. I too found my run very disappointing, but with a score of 135 there is much less chance of any redemption for Hemp at this trial.

The top scoring run of the day was a very tidy run by Candy Kennedy and Moss scoring 165.

We ran 38 dogs today getting done at at 4:00ish.


Canadian directors at the USBCHA directors meeting

I'm at the USBCHA Directors meeting now with Amanda and about 15 other people. Foods arriving, so that's the blog for today.