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BevLive: World Trial Semi-Finals

I think Joe could have tried a little harder on our split but he claimed not to understand which group I wanted him to turn on ending our chances at making the final. Still we did better than I had anticipated and I’ve had a good time.

I was running the wrong kind of dogs for these sheep. I’ve had dogs that would have suited them very well. If I again have that kind of dog I might even be tempted to make this trip once more.

The running in the semis got off to s really strong start with s perfect run my Serge Vanderbilt sweep and progressed generally downward on a slow trajectory of deteriorating sheep. There were some great runs all day to remind people it could still be done. I was especially impressed by Michael Gallagher’s young dog who had a great go. Will be a strong final tomorrow.

Went to the gala this evening for some of the best food thus far this trip.