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Amanda: Soldier Hollow, Day Three

Everyone, except those already qualified, gets a little anxious on the final day of qualifying at Soldier Hollow. There are but fifteen spots. Lots of good handlers and dogs are vying for them.

Wyatt Fleming started the day with an 84 that lead for a while until Dennis Gellings and Tess laid one down for a 91. The prospects for runners that followed diminished as the hot weather overtook the trial. Then a few made it happen. Beverly Lambert and Nan delivered a very good run in the sweltering afternoon, for an 80. Barbara Ray ran an 85 with Maverick, both changing around the leader board for the top five


Dorey ran in possession of the course, Her pen work was her forte, dashing from foot to foot and checking my side too, just in case I was going to let it down, She scored a 90 at three o’clock in the afternoon, not leading but close.



Tomorrow she runs third, Howell is sixth. Everyone is eager for double gathering and the big show.