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BevLive: The Semi-Finals

Lovely day, at least when I ran. Day started out slightly overcast and still. I ran sixth and it was very nice. Later in the day the wind came up, but since it blew pretty steady, if a bit hard, at the handler's backs or slightly off that it didn't interfere too much with the ability of folks to get around well. It blew pretty hard against the pen gate and definitely caused some problems there, though. For the most part, the sheep were very nice all day. They have all been run twice now and are much easier to handle. The will stop and look at the dog, but except for being a bit heavy didn't challenge nearly as much as previous go rounds.

Bill ran great. Perfect outrun. Good lift. Then we couldn't get the suckers back on line for the fetch. Fought them all the way to the panel and they never bent. Had Bill in front of them at one point and was afraid of causing him to go all the way around. So in the end I missed the fetch gate–a nearly unforgivable sin as anyone who has had a lesson with me knows. This served to really concentrate my attention, as I knew with a mistake this severe I couldn't afford another error. 

We were in luck. The sheep walked the rest of the fetch and the drive like "old Jersey cows". Bill was great at the finish, saving us from my beginning mistake.

Libby Neider won the go around with a perfect run, one point better than Jim Valley's perfect run. Amanda is in as well with a great run in the wind. Herbert also ran in the difficult afternoon and scored well enough to get through. By the end of the day the wind was blowing hard and it was raining and very ugly out. Tomorrow is supposed to be better weather. We sure all hope so. 

Running in a double lift final is such a treat you sure hate to be freezing half to death the whole time your out there.

I drew up 4th on the morning. I think a good draw. The course is very big and difficult, as it should be. The two groups of sheep will be spotted about 400 yards apart. Scary.

8:00 now. Just got back from dinner out with Alison Holmes and Sara Boudreau.  It's not blowing as hard as it was, but it's blowing and raining. The dogs and I are all in the camper with the heat on. First time for the heat this season. Alas, I still need to walk them one more time.